why do i need Forgiveness

God’s prefect creation was corrupted by Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God.  This disobedience brought sin and death into the world.  Because of their disobedience, and because we have all personally sinned, we are all deserving of the death penalty and need a Saviour. 

When gave Moses the law, people began to see that they could never measure up to God’s standard of perfection (Romans 3:20).  If they broke any part of the Law, the result was the same as if they had broke the whole lot (James 2:10).   They needed Someone to take away their imperfection and present them flawless before God’s throne (Romans 5:9; 1 Peter 3:18). 

There are no good works good enough to cleanse you or make you Holy before a Holy God.  But God did not leave his precious, but corrupted, creation without hope.  He promised to send Someone one day who would take this penalty of sin away.  Just as God has a purpose and plan for everything and everyone, so He send His promised Saviour at just the right time (Galatians 4:4) This was his Son Jesus, who is perfect as well as infinite to take away the infinite penalty for sin.  (Genesis 3:15; Ezekiel 18:4; Romans 6:23)